Wednesday, 1 October 2008

dinner @ Kensington restaurant, seremban

here is my 3rd post about food in seremban
this time is a western/fusion restaurant my sis introduced to me. we actually decided to eat there to "celebrate" the fact that she got back seremban hospital for the next three years. whoopee, i can disturb her for the next two years ;p

anyway, this is the place..
Kensington Western Restaurant
34, Jalan Era Square 3,
Era Square,70200 Seremban,
N. Sembilan
Tel: 06-768 7288

and click here for a better review, mine is going to be super simple.

first up, the place is super nice. quite high class, i must say. much fancier than most places I've dined in. lavishly decorated but it still feels kinda cozy..

we sat at the table facing the window....there are tables outside too, if you wish to dine al-fresco.

service is pretty good, the people are there are generally nice. but the food takes quite long, especially if there is a huge crowd. so must be patient..

and they serve you plain water which is refillable. i like. hehe.

the menu is very extensive, a whole page of chicken dishes, some seafood dishes, lamb, duck, pasta. etc. seriously there is alot to choose from and prices are quite reasonable.

for starters, we had mushroom soup that was served with garlic bread (rm 5.30) i have always loved mushroom soup..and this was so yummy. very nice! and authentic too. the garlic bread was superb too. crunchy and fragrant. mmmmmm. definitely a must try!!!

here is my main dish, grilled chicken with mushroom sauce (rm10) sadly, it was rather disappointing, the mushroom sauce was SWEET! so it tasted weird :( was expecting it to be better. but the sauce aside, the chicken was pretty good. grilled to perfection all juicy and nice. perhaps i shall avoid the mushroom sauce based dish..

and my sister's main meal. creamy seafood pasta (rm16.90) its served with lots of seafood-mussels, lala, squid and stuff. the sauce is superb. creamy with a hint of spiciness. i would recommend this dish!!

all in all, it was a delightful meal. the atmosphere was nice and classy, felt almost like fine dining. lol.. prices are OK and service is not bad. a good place to celebrate special occasions (in seremban, that is :p) will definitely come back again!!

food&drinks: 7.5/10

price: 7.5/10

ambiance: 9/10

overall: 8/10

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