Thursday, 28 February 2008

Sakae sushi at 12pm

Met up with yin wei and evelyn for lunch today, before yin wei leaves for Australia
we had Japanese food at sakae sushi, subang parade..yin wei's recommendation
we ordered a few dishes to share. good way of eating (can try a bit of all) and easier to split the bill later
and i was the "food photographer" for the day since yin wei said she will get too distracted when the food arrives!

this is the first time eating at sakae sushi (Japanese food for the second time in two weeks!)
since I'm not so much a Japanese food fan, but everyone around me loves Japanese food, so I'm beginning to love it as well!! especially tempura and anything that does not include raw food! something i still haven't learn to eat yet.

and one unique thing about this place is that you have to order on the computer. so high tech! haha. have to click on the menu, select the food and confirm your order, then the waiter will bring the food! so chunted! its very simple n efficient!
ok,the food! can't really remember the proper name and price though

deep fried chicken cubes. i think its about 8 ringgit. crispy and meaty. comes with a nice dipping sauce.
soba, Japanese noodles. not bad. springy and the soup is not too salty.this is 8 ringgit also.
salmon....cooked! hahah. i liked this! this is the soft shell crab creep. basically its soft shell crab wrapped in egg. its RM5.90.
very unique.
for drinks, we ordered hot green tea (rm 1) with free refil. they give you a mug and a tea bag and there is this hot water tap at every table where you dispense your hot water.

this is the garlic fried rice. (RM 5.90) Topped up with fried shrimp ( i think) its nice but the garlic taste isn't strong. the best garlic rice I've tasted was at a Japanese restaurant in amcorp mall, many years ago, when i went with my mum, sister and her bf. that was soooo good.

the California roll.

evelyn and i

yin wei and i.

*yin wei.. have a safe journey and all the best! take care! I'll see you again next year*

the total was...rm44.40. but plus tax was about 51 ringgit. normal price for Japanese food i guess.

all in all, sakae sushi has a great variety of food, good service and reasonable price :)


~*eley *~ said...

sakae sushi is definitely better than sushi king. a tad expensive too, but then japanese food always are. :)

ching mei said...

yeah, the food was good.
and thats why we only eat jap food once in a while...if not sure become broke! lol

yinwei said...

I will miss meeting up with you and the rest of the girls!
Don't worry, I ll be back soon. LOL
Btw, I just wanted to say that your food reviews are FANTASTIC. love them love them

Y-Maeda said...

Hello nice to meet you.
KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
Please link to this site !