Sunday 27 February 2011

Congrats IMU C208 !

I passed my Final Exams...and now im a Doctor! wow. still quite hard to believe.
looking forward to my well deserved vacation before starting work!
Kudos C2/08! :)

Le Vain Bakery

I recently discovered this pretty bakery in KL, so we went for breakfast/ brunch on a sunday morning

LeVain Boulangerie . Patisserie
No. 7 Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
03 - 2142 6611

wow. such a pretty place with high ceilings, sweet pastels flowers and all
be prepared for a large crowd and to wait for a seat!
surprisingly the price is quite reasonable for a place with such a nice atmosphere and considering it is at the heart of KL!
they have a wide array of breads and pastry as well as food that can be ordered off the menu, ranging from pasta to burgers and breakfast sets and sandwiches

chicken nanban bread. lemon chicken.mummy wanted something "asian" LOL. quite yummy.

french toast. soft and eggy.

crispy walnut bread. crisp on the outside soft on the inside

smoked turkey sandwhich. yumyum. ultimate comfort food

pleasant sight :D

we had two pasta. this is the creamy seafood pasta. it was not too bad. the other was the seafood aglio olio which was nice as well

hot chocolate. smooth and creamy :) *warm & fuzzy*

pretty assorted macarons

chicken ham and egg bun. delicious. a must try!

maple french toast

chocolate cream horn. satisfies your chocolate craving :P

nutty caramel Danish.

cinnamon bun
all in all, the food was good. the bread was soft and the variety was really good. definitely will come back here again :D

Sunday 23 January 2011

5 months in batu pahat!

i have been in Batu Pahat for the past 5 months completing my final semester. one more exams to go through before getting and MBBS!
have been neglecting my blog so much so that i even forgot my password! =.=

anyway, here is a short post about FOOD IN BATU PAHAT
one thing i enjoy about moving to a new place is discovering new food! yumyum. and BP did not disappoint!
here are some must try recommendations! i only have some photos though and no exact address. sorry! :(

BP is full of bakeries. there would be at least two on the same row of shophouses. These are the few which i often patron
1. KOFU BAKERY- near agro segar
they are famous for their coffee- very strong and aromatic. good for PF nights! and also nasi lemak special and otak otak sandwiches. they have a good variety of buns too. chicken curry puff and sardine puff is good as well

2. Family bakery- one in town, one outlet in taman bukit perdana
they are famous for their ogura cake. which comes in many different flavours like mocha, pandan and chocolate. its nice and spongy and airy and not too sweet as well

3. Far Kee- One outlet in taman bukit perdana, one in town and one near carefour

4. La Luna Bakery- Taman bukit perdana & town
yummy cakes! the chocolate confession and chocolate rendezvous is really yummy. chocolaty and moussy.

Bubble Tea
Bubble tea is very very "in" in batu pahat im not sure why either. there are many shops that have these and its quite difficult choosing a flavour sometimes :P
1. Withcery Ider- one in town, one near carefour
Buy one Free one :D this is very worth it !

2. Tea Bar- opposite carefour
The pearls are more chewy (i like!) and they have alot of variety. my personal favourite would be the passionfruit & yakult. yum. its sourish and the passionfruit seeds add a nice bite :D

3. C&K- taman bukit perdana
this would be the most convenient place cos its near my house! i like the chocolate ice cream tea. its like milkshake. sinfully yummy :D

chinese food/ seafood
1. Steamboat place- minyak beku
This place is fondly called the "swimming pool" place cos its next to a public pool. its famous for its fried pumpkin with salted egg yolk (to die for!) and fried chicken and fried mantau buns and curry. They also have steamboat. good food & affordable price.

2. ship village-segenting
this place is a good 30 mins drive from town. its a very quaint village with a lovers bridge! we came here on our last few days in BP. yummy salted egg crabs and fried squid. nice place to visit.

3. ming castle- town.
for dim sum.

4. swee kee- in town and near carefour
yummy tonic soup- duck/chicken/ pork and yam rice, they also have curry fish.

5. swee bee chicken rice-in town
steam/roast chicken, chicken chop, roasted pork, char siew and a variety of side dishes like tofu and vege.

6. Ah Hua- near agro segar
for yummy noodles

7. chop see kee wan tan mee- town
a very famous and old shop. yummy springy wan tan mee, BP style

8. boon laska- at the junction to town/ banang heights

9. Ocean Restaurant- town
yummy o chien and tofu. reasonably priced also

Hawker food
1. Haiki- in town
they have carrot cake, otak otak, chicken wing, o chien, noodles, pork satay ect

2. Near the bus stop (dunno whats it called :P)
good pisang goreng, laska and ice kacang

1. Nasi Briyani
seems to be their speciality. There are many outlets. There is one opposite Putra hospital, which is only so-so IMHO. Nasi Briyani Power in taman soga ( i think?) is not bad. There is also a "chinese style" nasi briyani near the bus stop in town, which is less oily and quite nice too :D

2. Just Waffles- fusion food. in taman bukit perdana
they have malaysian and western food. waffles with savory toppings are quite nice too. but be prepared to wait if there are many customers. they have a nice selection of desesserts too.

3. Tokyo Japanese restaurant, near carefour
newly opened restaurant. nice atmosphere and the food is quite good.

4. restaurant yong hoe. dunno whats that area called :P
for good tau fu fah, the shop nearby has yummy tofu bakar, carrot cake and a yummy passionfruit drink!

so as u see, the list is endless, but im glad i did get to try so many new food. BUT i've put on weight. OMGOSH :'(

Crabs! with salted egg yolk. YUMMMMM.

segenting. the lovers bridge...

chocolate & peppermint! from la luna

chocolate& strawberry. from la luna

dim sum from ming castle

curry and mantau buns from the "swimming pool" place

fried pumkin in salted egg yolk


thai stlye tofu @ swee bee

chicken curry puff @ kofu

tuna sandwhich @ kofu

nasi lemak special form kofu

coffee from kofu (again!)

nasi beriyani power in taman soga

nasi beriyani mohd shah, opposite putra hospital

waffles and ice cream @ juz waffles

noodles from Ah hua
well, thats all for now! hope u enjoyed my post :D

Monday 24 May 2010

tiramisu: the cake version

this is the yummy tiramisu cheesecake from Alexis~
its does look and taste like the one in the shop, even if i say so myself! hehe
its abit tedious, but so worth it :)
caramelized almond
200g sugar
140g whole roasted almonds
melt the sugar over low heat in a saucepan, stirring occasionally till it turns golden brown.
add almonds and stir to coat evenly. remove from heat and tip onto a metal plate
*tip: to wash the pot and plate, just use hot water!*
sponge cake
6 eggs, separated
120g caster sugar
110g plain flour (sifted)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
preheat oven at 150 Celsius
line a 9' pan and grease well (or use a spring foam pan!~)
whisk egg white and sugar with electric mixer till stiff peaks form
reduce speed and add egg yolks, one at a time until well combined
fold in the flour, pour batter into tin and bake for 35-45 minutes
cream cheese filling
300g cream cheese
100g caster sugar
3 egg yolk
1 tablespoon sherry
250ml whipping cream, whipped
beat cream cheese and sugar till light and fluffy
add egg yolks one by one
add sherry
fold in whipped cream
* i made some changes, i only used 250g cream cheese cos it comes in 250g a packet. and i used 2 egg yolks and 150ml cream. the egg whites that are not needed here can be used in the sponge cake. and i used baileys instead of sherry*
coffee syrup
1 1/2 tablespoon coffee powder
1 tbsp caster sugar
300ml hot water
1 tbsp sherry
mix all
100g dark/cooking chocolate, thinly shaved
300ml whipping cream, whipped

to assemble:
1. slice the sponge cake to two
2. place one into the cake tin, drizzle half the coffee syrup.
3. top with half the cream cheese filling
4. sprinkle the chocolate shaving and top with the rest of the cream cheese filling
5. place the other slice of cake on top and drizzle the rest of the coffee syrup.
6. cover with cling wrap and chill overnight
7. cover the cake with whipped cream and coat with caramelized almonds!
* mine was half complete as i did not have enough cream. i just topped the cake with some cream and sprinkeled it with the almonds. the next cake will be a full one :)

Saturday 22 May 2010

tiramisu 2

i realize that i have been abandoning my blog for much too long. its almost the middle of the year and this is MY FIRST post !
some yummy tempting photos of TIRAMISU ! ~
recipe will be up later. this is a slightly different version. in fact, this is just a mini version. the real one is sitting in the fridge, waiting to be decorated tmr morning.
its made of cream cheese and sprinkles of dark chocolate layered with sponge cake (lady's finger in the mini version) soaked in coffee (and Baileys! ) yummmm~

Thursday 31 December 2009

last post for 2009

obligatory last post of the year

gosh, i cannot believe one year has passed so fast. i tried to recall how 2009 has been....
we were still in sem 6. i remember the kampung angkat trip to BP, which was kinda fun and a good experience, since, well, i've never been to a kampung before :P
then started sem 7. the nightmare semester with the EOS.OMG. was a rather stressful semester with lots of studying and preparations. glad i did well for that :D
also, I became an emcee for the VERY first (and last:P) time on music nite
and was in the student council as secretary as well. wow. things that i never imagine that i will actually do :P
and the highlight of 2009 for me was my selectives in perth. it was such a good experience. the place, the food :D the people and the hospital. had a great time there. and i also learned to be more independent :P
so 2009 was good to me :D

waiting for the fireworks now :D

have a happy new year 2010 everyone!!!!!!

Saturday 26 December 2009

eating perth! part three- desserts and pastries (continued...)

hi! I'm back home in Malaysia now. Perth was AWESOME. i enjoyed everyday of my 4 and a half weeks there :D

I'm back with more foodie posts :) starting with the simpler ones first :P

I'm gonna write short reviews on four yummy places to get desserts/ cakes/ pastries/ drinks

GELARE (click for their website)
there are many outlets in Australia.

this is the outlet in Subiaco

waffles with chocolate and cookies&cream ice cream
the main attraction here is 50% off waffles every Tuesday :D
(ice cream does not apply though)

pralines&cream and macadamia nut ice cream. yum

the waffles come with cream and syrup. additional ice cream topping is an option.
its freshly made to order, nice golden and soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. very very good :D

115 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

we came here on our last day for afternoon tea. just because it looked nice, the selection of cakes n pastries :)

seeing double :D
enjoying our cuppa and cakes :D

deco is modern, chic and black

apricot meringue

irish cream cake

we had a tough time choosing two cakes. they had chocolate fudge, tiramisu, mixed berry cheesecake and so many pastries as well.
first we had the irish cream cake. which looks so good!!! BUT there was no irish cream taste at all :( nevertheless, it was quite good. i think its a cheesecake. its filled with chocolate pieces and almond slices.
our second cake was the apricot meringue, simply cos we wanted to try something different :) its nice with two different textures, the base was a crumbly cake with pieces of apricot. the topping was light and fluffy meringue. yummy!!!
and we had a cup of cappuccino each as well :D
and the coffee queen was very happy. heheh

Chez Jean Claude Patisserie
333 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, WA 6008
p: 08 9381 7968

this is a little quaint bakery along the road where the bus i take to SCGH every morning. looks so tempting indeed!
I couldn't resist and on the last day of my posting in the hospital, i got down the stop nearby and popped into the shop to have a peek.

mixed fruit tart

its quite a small shop and it was PACKED with people, probably cos it was tea time. all their goodies looked so very good!!! from cakes, pastries, bread and cookies. In fact i got the idea of chocolate dipped gingy from this shop. teehee.

the mixed fruit tart had a crunchy buttery crust and nice creamy custard filling and topped up with a selection of berries- blueberry, strawberries and raspberries. yum. a wonderful combination of taste and texture
chocolate eclair

this is also very good. light pastry with cold creamy chocolate filling and more chocolate topping on top.

chocolate cake infused with alcohol .
this chocolate cake is wicked :D sponge cake layered with chocolate cream. simple but so delish~

the yummy trio :D


we actually had bubble tea in the city.cannot recall the exact location :( this shop has outlets all over i guess.
bright orange cup!

they have many many flavours, its so hard to choose one!!!

and the bubble!!! sago, chocolate sago, rainbow jelly, etc

i had eternal love milk tea :D its basically milk tea. LOL. with sago. nice combo. the sago was nice and chewy. very refreshing drink!!
ok, thats it for the dessert posts. i hope you have enjoyed it ^_^